Aspara Fashion Week Taraz spring - summer/2020

16-18 october/19

Aspara Fashion Week Uzbekistan

Tashkent is anique. Tashkent is an Eastern city. He has  a special sprit — generous  in the Eastern way,  at the same time refined and strong….

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Aidarkhan Kaliyev

Aidarkhan Kaliyev — Ph.D., associate professor of arts, author of more than 60 images and seasonal collections. Designer’s collections by Aidarkhan Kaliyev became the visit card of Kazakhstan in the world and international forums and exhibitions. Domestic brands ASPARA and Aidar Khan are produced under his guidance. Despite 27 years of experience in the fashion industry, he is very modest in PR, very demanding to himself and employees, is very polite with clients, esthetic and patriotic to his country.