About me

Aidarkhan Miralievich was born in 26.06.1963 in the village of Andas Batyr, Merke district, Zhambyl region. His father- Mirali and his mother- Asel, brought up eight children who devoted their entire lives to a good education. When choosing his profession, a certain role was played by his mother. Thanks to her perseverance, he finished the musical in parallel with the secondary school. His mother helped him to properly select a wardrobe, to change trousers, a shirt on her old hand sewing machine.
Her mother was very skillful, sewing fashionable clothes, wearing a towel, wearing sweaters for her dresses. His mother’s skill, his father’s proximity to entrepreneurship, had a direct impact on the creation of the fashion house «Asyl- Design» by Aidarkhan Miralievich in 1993. In the honor of his mother was called «Asyl- Design». In the 90s, after Kazakhstan acquired sovereignty, national costumes became popular. The first ethnographic collections were named «Ancient Scale echo», «Great Silk Road», «Great Steppe», «Taraz Angel».

In our days, Kazakh national costumes are a harmonious fashion of the holidays. Unfortunately, many elements of national costumes are being forgotten nowadays. Moderator Kaliyev Aidarkhan Miralievich believes that the folk treasures from our grandparents should always be rebuilt in the modern fashion of Kazakh styles and Kazakhs of many centuries.

In addition, the «Asyl-Design» fashion house has been working on the yurt, and it is very popular in summer and seasonal clothes and is popular in our country and abroad. These costumes are attractive to any fashion designer, whose taste improves as time goes on. Author’s collections of Aidarkhan Miralievich for many years on behalf of the Republic of Kazakhstan are recognized as a business card present at international forums and exhibitions under the brand «Aspara», «Aidar Khan».
The price is in the list of foreign brands «Zara», «Mango». Despite having 25 years of experience in the fashion industry, he is a very modest, customer-oriented, well-researched and patriot of his own home in the PR world. The first memorable successful image display was demonstrated in 1993 at the «Voice of Asia» festival in Almaty at that time. After the show, he took part in annual shows in the CIS and foreign countries twice a year and won titles and prize-winning places.

In 1995 Collection of national costumes, held in Paris and Berlin In 1996 Gold medal in the nomination «Ethnography» in the international premiere of «The Great Peri» in Tashkent;
In 1999, in the «Russian silhouette» fashion week held in Moscow in the nomination «Traditional outfit»;
In 1998 and 2000, he was a member of the jury and participant of the show;
In 2002, he visited the National Delegation to showcase a collection of national models in Istanbul;
In 2003 she was awarded the diploma of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Kazakhstan (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) at the beauty contest «Queen of 2003»;
In 2009 presentation of the author’s collection in Spain in 2008 «The Expo Saragossa 2008» Presentation of the author’s collection at the international exhibition in Berlin;
In 2010 presentation of the author’s collection «EXPO Shanghai 2010» in China;
In 2011 the international exhibition in London, England, the stage performance «One Night» with the band «Naz», showcasing winter clothes in Almaty, Asiada, Astana;
Since 2012 has been a regular participant of the Eurasia Fashion Week for six years;
In 2014 demonstration at the Istanbul, Turkey, World Kurultay of Kazakhs in Xi’an, China;
2015, Abu Dhabi, opening a kiosk in Urumqi in 2016, participating in the show, awarding the President’s Certificate of Independence, and in 2016, the Italian Academy of «Accademia Della Formasione» awarded the «Maestro della Moda» 
In 2017, participation in demonstrations in Serbia, China, the Netherlands, Ukraine;
Participation in this Fashion Week in Milan in 2017 was an invitation to Mr. Aidarkhan Kaliyev to work together with Venice because of his interest in the Kazakh national art of the greatest Italian celebrity glasswormer Pinino Sinoretto, which was demonstrated in the Nazarbayev Center of Astana EXPO-2017;
Since 2000, the fashion house «Asyl-Design» is engaged in the development of stage ornaments and requisites of large orchestras and ensembles, many creative teams and stage artists. Well-known opera singer Camilla Ribeiro Sauzo and Maira Mukhamedkyzy also sewed their clothes;
As for the College «Aspara», since 1999, more than 500 talented clothing designers, fashion designers, hairdressers and stylists have been preparing specialists who are in demand in Taraz and all cities of Kazakhstan and work successfully;
Mister Aidarкhan has a lot of plans, one of the most important plans — to open a salon in the French capital Paris. With hard work and perseverance, it is not far off to date;
Mister Aidarkhan is married, has a wife, two sons, a daughter-in-law, and a grandson. His wife, Gulnara, is a qualified teacher at the College «Aspara», her eldest son, Daniyar, who works for the Kazakh embassy in China, where he lives with his family. His younger son believes Sanzhar will become a successful businessman in the future. Even though they can not see the success of their work, the spirits of their parents are grateful and blessed.

About collection and style

Capsule collection “Peri of Great Steppe” will be introduced at the festival. The Steppe woman is in the center of the collection. The collection is based on the synthesis of wise traditions of nomadic clothes and Spring-Summer trends. The author has balanced between Asia and Europe, therefore, ethnic motifs are carefully framed by European canons in clothing. Neo-folklore clothes are characterized by Aidarkhan as “traditional clothes of our ancestors gifted with the spirit of modernity”. “Asyl Design” Fashion House annually creates two seasonal collections. As a rule, these are the collections of highly artistic and exclusive