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                                                                              6 seasons of the International project

Form of conducting: Online via ZOOM, Youtube channel Aspara Fashion Week, live broadcast on Instagram and Facebook on Aspara Fashion Week pages:




Dates: October 7-10, 2020, beginning at 19:00 Nursultan time.

Location: Taraz city, Kazakhstan.

The Great Silk Road! MERKE! Dialogue of cultures.

The Silk Road as a trade route emerged in the 3rd century BC and existed until the 16th century of our century. The ancient trading cities along the Silk Road experienced many devastating wars, destruction, fires, famine, and pestilence. Some of them have sunk into eternity, leaving their descendants only nameless ruins, others have repeatedly blazed in the fire and destroyed, but they were reborn again to amaze the world with wealth, blue domes, and openwork terracotta ligature of mausoleums and mosques.

The main route of the Great Silk Road through the territory of Kazakhstan ran through the south of the country. From the border of China, trade caravans moved through the cities of Merke, Taraz, Sairam, Yasy, Otrar further to Central Asia, Persia, the Caucasus, and Europe. All these cities owe their appearance to the merchants, who, overcoming the huge Kazakh steppes, arranged stops that turned into caravanserais, and those, in turn, into settlements that eventually grew into cities.

Along with goods, crafts, architecture, culture, and art spread along the Silk Road. One of the largest centers in the VI-VIII centuries was MERKE. This land has a deep history: Saka burial mounds, the valley of ancestors, Turkic sanctuaries, stone balbals in the Sandyk tract.

Merke is a land of majestic mountains, mild climate, beautiful nature, thousands of springs, and hardworking people.

Thus, the Great Silk Road was a symbol of relations between West and East. Great silk road.

The project of the International Fashion Week “ASPARA FASHION WEEK” was created by one of the authoritative fashion designers Aidarkhan Kaliev at the beginning of 2017. Aidarkhan Kaliev is the first Asian designer who works in the official programs of famous fashion weeks such as Milan fashion week, Paris fashion week, Amsterdam fashion week, Berlin fashion week, Lviv fashion week, Serbian fashion week, Asian designers week India, Eurasian fashion week China, Fashion week Istanbul, Stockholm international fashion fair, Tajikistan fashion week, Uzbekistan fashion week, etc., respectively, ASPARA FASHION WEEK is the official partner of these fashion weeks. Aidarkhan Kaliev — President of ASPARA FASHION WEEK, Chief Designer of the Asyl-Design Fashion House and founder of the ASPARA College of Model Art and Business in Taraz, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of Art History, member of the Association of Clothing and Textile Manufacturers of China, member World Crafts Council — Asia Pacific region, member of the International Unions of Designers of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, member of the Eurasian Association of Designers, author of over 80 fashion and seasonal collections. The founder of the neo-folklore style, the founder of the ASPARA and Aidar Khan brands in Kazakhstan.

According to Aidarkhan Kaliyev, President of the Aspara Fashion Week International Project, the project has become a platform for promoting Asian designers, including Kazakhstani ones, to world catwalks, sharing experience, showing foreign experts and fashion industry specialists the openness of our consciousness, preserving Asian identity, and stimulating a cult of knowledge and awareness of Central Asian designers for competitiveness in the fashion industry and the development of light industry in Kazakhstan as a whole.

The ASPARA FASHION WEEK platform gives the participants of the Fashion Week not only promotion and status, but also the sale of original products in Kazakhstani, Central Asian and European showrooms, the possibility of franchising with Chinese manufacturers, and direct work with the customers. Besides, there will be an opportunity to gain valuable experience of cooperation and support from ASPARA FASHION WEEK partners (about 12 fashion weeks around the world).

The sixth season of the ASPARA FASHION WEEK project will be held in the town of MERKE (Zhambyl region, Kazakhstan). Over 90 designers from 35 countries of the world, as well as 30 famous fashion bloggers, journalists, presidents of the largest fashion weeks in Europe and Asia will take part in the VI season of the ASPARA FASHION WEEK International Fashion Week:

1) Rocco Leo Gaglioti  – President of TV channel FNL Network and Founder of International Digital fashion Week, Los Angeles, USA;

2) Marianna Miceli – President Mad Mood Milan Fashion Week, Milan, Italia;

3) Douglas Bassett – Fashion photographer, Milan, Italia;

4) Sensemielja Letitia Sumter – Diversity Fashion Week, fashion-blogger, Amsterdam, Holland;

5) Svetlana Horvat – President Serbian Fashion Week, Defile a Paris Fashion Week, Paris, France;

6) Iman Belmkaddem – CEO&Founder of Stockholm International Fashion Fair, Stockholm, Sweden;


8) Hayden Ng – Premier Founder of ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase, Singaporе;

9) Robby Rawat – Co-founder & Managing Director Asian Designer Week, New Delhi, India;

10) Alma Farmer – CEO & FOUNDER Silk Road in London, London, UK.

11) Adriano Di Lello – Magazine editorELLE. Milan, Italy;

12) Julio Cesar Battaglia — President Marbella Fashion Week, Madrid Haute Couture, Spain;

13) Artur Rocha —Fashion photographer. Paris. France;

14) Gabriella Manyi Walek – President of National Fashion League Hungary, President&Founder of Global Sustainsble Fashion Week, Budapest, Hungary

15) Edric Ong — fashion expert, WCC-APR,


16) Rachid Hossni – CEO, Founder Gloria Fashion Festival International de La Moda, Morocco;

17) Aliya Akhmalishev – brand Ambassador ASPARA;

18) Ludmila Burlachenko (Рухани Жангыру), Kazakhstan;

19) Adema Doszhanova (Рухани Жангыру), Kazakhstan;

20) Gulnare Xelilova– ethno-designer, representative of the Aspara Fashion Week in Azerbaijan;

21) Tahir Ibragimov— founder and president of Tajikistan Fashion Week, Tajikistan, Dushanbe;

22) Natalia Sultanova – fashion expert, President of the Association of designers of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek;

23) Kamola Gulyamova – fashion expert,Chief of new Design Development Department of the Uzbekistan Textile and Garment Industry Association, Tashkent. Uzbekistan;

24) Maiko Archvadze — Designer, representative of ASPARA FASHION WEEK in Georgia;

25) Galina De Bouard — Representative of the Fashion House Pierre Cardin in the Commonwealth of Independent States of Paris, France;

26) Pierre Courtial — Artistic Director of Fashion House “Pierre Cardin”. Paris, France.

27) Cem Kaplan – CEO @ Fab UK media Group (magazine, TV), London, UK.

28) Angel Man – CEO @ Fashion Press 24, New York, USA

29) Sandra Kaczkurkin – World Fashion Media News, New York, USA

30) Marcel Schwab — PULSE MAGAZINE, Amsterdam, Neetherland

31) Gulzsanat Korodi — World Kurultai of nomads, Hungary

Today, ASPARA FASHION WEEK MERKE online grants the Great Silk Road a second life where it will bring togethercultures of different countries and continents.

Designers and experts from different countries who attend ASPARA FASHION WEEK MERKE will learn new skills and experience from each other, get acquainted with new languages ​​and cultures. Of course, Kazakhstani sacred city of MERKE will play a vital role in this process.

The last 5th season of ASPARA FASHION WEEK was attended by over 20 world-class fashion experts, 60 designers from 32 countries and 5 continents.

You can watch the broadcast of the collection shows at ASPARA FASHION WEEK by clicking on the link:





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