Serbia Fashion Week 2019

Aspara Fashion Week of Uzbekistan 2019

Fashion Week Istambul 2018

Mad Mood Milan Fashion Week

Fashion Week Berlin

International Festival "Ethnopodium on Baikal"

Asian designers Week

Asian Fashion Week Europe 2017

Each my trip to Asian Fashion Week Europe 2017 is a new experience and new acquaintances. My participation in AFWE also left pleasant memories of seeing Dilek and her family, getting to know the main organizer, Mr. Aidyn and his family and his team, meeting with a friends of Aydin Acik and Vladimir, walking around Amsterdam and many many pleasant acquaintances. Thanks AFWE.

Taraz Fashion Day 2017

The international festival «Traveling along the Great Silk Road of Kazakhstan» is proof of this. Competition among young people, organized by their effort, will help to identify talents once again, which have a noble role — to create the beauty and comfort of the future world.

Mad Mood Milano Fashion Week 2017

A brand, Mad Mood, that already from the pronunciation of the name recalls its essence «Mediterranean», which tells the Apulian territory and its lifestyle through the combination of fashion and food, and, therefore, through the tradition and innovation proposed by the brand Puglia. This year the Pugliese identity of the format is even more strengthened by the co-branding agreement stipulated with Pugliapromozione, the regional tourism agency.

Lviv Fashion Week

October 26-29 in Lviv was XX Lviv Fashion Week. Lviv Fashion Week has supported Ukrainian designers for 10 years, opening new names and helping Ukrainian brands to be known outside the country.

Eurasia Fashion Week 2017

Serbia Fashion Week